Birgit Thoben CEO Future.Solutions


I`m a Consultant, Knowledgebroker, Engineer, Coach, Parent and the one who brings crazy inspirations into the game.

See that? I`m not just ONE thing, and I can bet that neither are you!

I want to help you to build a bridge between your dream life you put in your box "later" to living it out starting, well, how about as soon as possible?


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Words of praise from people who worked with me in the past

“At the Bootcamp working with Birgit, it becomes clear that she lives her motto, "There is a solution for everything", and she conveys this feeling to her participants. You learn not to be afraid of trial and error and approach things simply and that they don't have to be perfect from the start. She also teaches you the right tools and methods, which gives you structure and helps you grow in self-confidence and self-efficacy!..." 

Rebecca Steigenberger
B.Sc. Psychology, Product development Strasser & Strasser

“The Bootcamp is very practice-orientated.
Participation has given me the courage to carry out my project now. ...
Each day of the Bootcamp is very well structured, very well and professionally prepared.
There is detailed and extensive documentation every day.
This way, you know what to expect. 
Birgit is very motivated and very committed.
Helping women is close to her heart, and her positive attitude is contagious.
She is a role model for me and an example that you should never give up...."

Laurence Schulte
Maîtrise Administration Economique et Sociale
Diplôme de Professeur des Ecoles

I had the pleasure to attend the "MBA Innovation Management" course of Dr Thoben. Meeting the person who set up "Platform12" at Bosch, knowing its history and the process to build it, was a great and very beneficial experience and allowed us to put the theory about practice. I greatly appreciated her approach of focusing innovation on human factors. The group work was a great lesson in collective intelligence and creativity. She was very inspiring and pushed us to ask the right questions and provided us with the tools to answer them. Thank you very much. I`m glad I met you.

Nora Amour
Projectmanager Sogeti Group France,
MBA Student ICN Business School

Many thanks for your great support! Your workshop was beneficial to us. We were particularly impressed by the good preparation, which was perfectly tailored to our needs. With the Cookbook tailored to our needs, you have built a good basis for us to familiarize ourselves with the topics further and achieve economic success. Thank you very much again for this!

Dr Alfons Schraeder
CEO Heise Medien GmbH

Alfons Schraeder Heide Medien

After completing my academic training, Birgit Thoben was my manager in a large company for the first three years. From the beginning, she impressed me with her persuasiveness, determination and forward-looking ideas. As a young professional, it was initially a challenge for me to keep up with her. But we were able to adapt to each other's needs and expectations through open communication. Her management style was particularly characterised by the fact that she always encouraged and challenged my self-confidence and independence. It was easy for her to recognize my strengths and weaknesses and to reflect on them with me, and also to help me to use them in a targeted way. A special leitmotif of hers is the sentence "There is always a solution", which still accompanies me today. This wonderfully demonstrates her pleasant optimism, which always enables a different view of new or challenging situations, whether in private or at work.

I appreciate very much that Birgit continues to accompany me as a mentor since our professional paths have parted. She motivates me to challenge myself, to overcome my limits, to question what exists and to realise my own potential. In doing so, I feel that my personal advancement is close to her heart. She knows the rules of the game in a male-dominated professional world very well through her own professional career and knows where and how women can use their strengths. I am sure that she will support many more women in the future with good advice and inspiration.

Lisa Przioda
Information Manager, Robert Bosch GmbH

Lisa Przioda

I can warmly recommend Dr Thoben not only as an excellent manager but also as an excellent initiator of creative and innovation processes. She is a very versatile and experienced guide and leader, a talented and highly inspiring person. I can only recommend her thoughtful and prudent ways of interacting with colleagues and clients.

Franz Fehrenbach
Chairman Supervisory Board, Robert Bosch GmbH

Franz Fehrenbach Robert Bosch GmbH