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October 23, 2020 | by Future.Solutions

7 Inspirations


This Revolting Supercomputer Simulation Shows How COVID-19 Spreads at a Table.
But we can do something during winter - humidification of the air reduces droplet speed and the droplets do not fly as far as in dry air.

Nature magazine: Satellites could soon map every tree on Earth


Female-founded startups raise funding during COVID-19 - We need always good role models.


Nelly Ben Hayoun "I am (not) a monster." The impossible pursuit of the origins of knowledge.

New exhibition showcases genius work made by children during lockdown on It`s Nice That.


How many people are in space right now?

Travel inspirations in an inspiring form from Switzerland by They received the "Best of Swiss Web Awards" in 3 categories Gold: Creation, Technology and Usability and two categories Silver: Innovation and Marketing. Start the side and get inspired and move your mouse to change perspective and to get more information. Do not forget to change the month. Impressive!

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