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August 13, 2021 | by Future.Solutions

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Dear Reader of the 7 of Inspirations,
after feedback and evaluation of the response of the articles being read, I have decided to change the category "Tech" to "Business / Entrepreneur".
Hereby I would like to inspire you better.
I wish you an inspiring week!


Natural emotion vocabularies as windows on distress and well-being  | Vera Vine, Ryan L- Boyd, James W. Pennebaker | Nature

The Nature Article on vocabulary and emotions should be a scientific incentive for men to perhaps behave more linguistically like women. So that the advice from the article below " 7 pieces ... " will be heard even more and perhaps women will be able to make a career more easily. A more polite, restrained corporate world could be more pleasant for everyone!

7 Pieces of Bad Career Advice Women Should Ignore | Cindy Gallop and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic | Havard Business Review


How quantum biology could help birds 'see' magnetic fields | Adam Levy | Nature - Video

Project Collart-Palmyre
| Anders Noren | University Lausanne - Video

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