Future.Solutions Academy®

3 Day Bootcamp
for Women

Start Your Online Business With Digital Products.

September 15-17, 2021 • via Zoom, LIMITED Opportunity

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This could be you!

How to create
a successful online business?

Even if the first step is the most difficult one, I will guide you step by step with professional support and passion to your new business.

This is your chance to change your future!

When was the last time you really thought about yourself and invested in yourself? I don't mean in your children, in your husband, your relatives, your home... I mean in yourself personally.

Invest in yourself; no one else will do it except yourself.

With an online business, you can achieve your freedom, earn your own living, work when and where you want and have more time and money for yourself and your loved ones.

Even if I'm saying it's not easy and happens not overnight, I'll help you make it happen, no matter how fast or slow you are. With this Bootcamp, you do the first step, and you will find like-minded women who support each other.

Come and join us!

Here’s What You’ll Get at the LIVE Bootcamp

A step-by-step guide to build up your Online Business with Digital Products

During our live virtual training experience, we will show you:

  • 3 easy methods built upon each other to figure out your ideal topic for your business I used to create lots of products.
  • How to find out on your own if there is a demand for your topic and how your ideal customer looks like instead of painstakingly determining the market demand in countless tests and redesigning the product.
  • To start a business with a low budget and without huge tech knowledge and a simple framework you can use no matter how many people will attend.
  • To choose your Business model and calculating the price with low effort but success.
  • And MUCH much more...

Dedicated Implementation Sessions

This is an implementation - focused event. You will have plenty of time to actually do the work. Get the work of weeks in 3 Days done.

Pre-Work Kick-off Call

Get well prepared to start the Bootcamp at full speed.

Collage Bootcamp SW by Future.Solutions

Coaching Sessions

If you have specific questions, you can chat 1:1 with my team or myself to get help and support in our private Facebook Group 

Focus and Achievement

The Future.Solutions Academy® Team will be there to help you focus, stay on task, and make it over the finish line!


Bonus #1: No tech knowledge? No Worries! VALUE: 2,700 EUR

The ultimate guide for a Low-Budget tech setup to run your online business with Pro-Quality from your home.

I will show you how to run the tech by yourself and set everything up to work during your own events, no matter whether you have ten, a hundred, or 1000+ attendees.

Bonus #2No, Team? No Worries! VALUE: 2,400 EUR

The 101 Outsourcing Handbook for your online business for Solopreneurs, Non-Techies and First-Timers …

Do you love to create the FUN part - writing and delivering content - but you get drained by detailed stuff? And your dream is „show up and work“. I will give you tips and tricks on how you can realise an event on a low budget, even without a large team.

Bonus #3: Kickstarter Kit for Online Business  VALUE: 4,900 EUR

Planning, Templates, Methods and Checklists to setup & more

This bonus is designed to help you get an overview and keep on track of what you need to do. The learning takeaways I am using from the last 3 years of visiting masterclasses, boot camps, courses from Dean Graziosi (multiple New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur and investor), Tony Robbins (USA top life and business strategist), Jenna Kutcher (online marketing expert), Amy Porterfield (online marketing and online course expert), Ryan Levesque (#1 USA best-selling author and CEO of the ASK Method Company)… combined with my professional background as a lecturer for more than 8 years at the Business School in Nancy and Summerschool in Athens, and as a professional Global Innovation Manager of a Corporate (400.000 + employees) for more than 5 years, where I was involved in many product creations and implementation processes. As a co-inventor, I hold 30+ patents. I am a certified Knowledge Broker by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. Most importantly, I have professional experience as an Online Business owner, starting and scaling-up a business.

I am happy to pass on this valuable knowledge - gathered over many years - so you can benefit from it.

FAST ACTION BONUS (only until 31.08.2021) : Value: 1,500 EUR

The Cheat Sheet Template for your Landingpage and Facebook Post

I will explain to you the secret of how to quickly design a Landingpage and which 25 elements are a must. You will receive a list of rules of thumb on designing without a designer: a page, a brand, a post etc., in a few hours, and how to create different Leadmagnets to build your mailing list.

Plus: watch me creating a course LIVE,
so you can experience the entire process

This is a Women Founder Event, for the first time created in the form of a Bootcamp. You will get to know a perfect model for your digital product, and we look behind the scenes to see how I run a Bootcamp and create a course out of it.

  • A live, virtual 3-day experience where I will guide you step by step on starting an online business.
  • Craft your online business topic and content, check the market online, find your ideal customer, decide on the right business model, define the price and market for your product.
  • Intimate special opportunity only for women with limited available spots.
  • Join my team for a small group breakout session, 1-on-1 coaching opportunities, and more.
  • Get Pre-Event access to my Private Facebook Support Group, and participate in the Pre-Work Kick-off (01.09.2021), all before the event begins.
  • BONUS #1: No tech knowledge? No Worries! (VALUE: 2,700 EUR)
  • BONUS #2: No Team? No Worries! (VALUE: 2,400 EUR)
  • BONUS #3: Kickstarter Kit for Online Business (VALUE: 4,900 EUR)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS: Cheat Sheet Template for Landingpages and Facebook Posts: (VALUE: 1,500 EUR)

Dates: 15-17 September 2021

The event total value is over 12,000 EUR, but you can join for a payment of just 1,997 EUR or save extra when you commit to a win-win situation for both of us and pay only 497 EUR.

PLUS Fast Action Bonus: I will explain to you the secret of how to quickly design a Landingpage and which 25 elements are a must. You will receive a list of rules of thumb on designing without a designer: a page, a brand, a post etc., in a few hours, and how to create different Leadmagnets to build your mailing list.

A 1,500 EUR Value Fast Action Bonus (only until 14.04.2021)

* NOTE: Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.


Any questions? We have the answers.

This LIVE virtual Bootcamp is specially designed for women who want to start their online business as a main or side business in a focused and fast step by step way. The main focus is on beginners.

The Bootcamp is for women who are afraid of technology and software; I will give them a step by step guide to overcome this problem.

Who is this Bootcamp for?

Women who want to be independent and earn their own living with an online business.

Women who have too many ideas and do not know which to focus on: I will show a systematic approach that can be applied to all decisions.

Women who are afraid to take the first steps into their own business alone: with like-minded people in a group, it is easier. You will always get a motivational boost in the group and can share your questions.

Women who want to sell digital products such as an online course, an eBook, a membership, an event, a bootcamp, a private consultation, coaching, an online community, a workshop, a live event, a mastermind or group coaching.

Women who have already started their business and are stuck.

What does interactive mean?

You will be part of different breakout sessions. In these sessions, you will solve tasks in small groups.

What qualifications do I need?

This Bootcamp is designed for total beginners. You do not need any special qualifications other than a willingness to be open to learning something new, get involved, and support each other.

Who should not attend?

Women who want to build an eCommerce shop with physical products.

Women who want to scale their business. I will offer another course on this topic.

Is this Bootcamp going to be recorded?

No - and here's why. This is a live and real-time Bootcamp event.

You will not get the same benefit from a recording. The value of the Bootcamp is to experience it live and get feedback from the Team. Treat the Bootcamp as if you were travelling to a live event and reserve time in your calendar to participate in full.

What equipment do I need?

Access to a computer with an Internet connection

  • Free Zoom registration
  • Free Facebook registration
  • Sheets of Paper
  • Post it or sticky notes,
  • Pencil, Pens with different colours

Why is there a Kick-Off Call two weeks before the event?

By participating in the Kick-Off Call, you will immediately become familiar with the technology of Zoom and Facebook. I will explain how we will work together in the Bootcamp. This way, you can be 100% involved in the Bootcamp without dealing with the technology. Besides, I will explain the first methods you need for your homework as preparation for the Bootcamp and your later business. Please remember that your personal commitment will correlate with the quality of your results.

If you do not have time on this date, there will be a recording of the Kick-Off Call, which I will make available in the Facebook Group so that everyone can still do their homework in time.

Why is this Bootcamp only for women?

My personal goal is to support women to earn their own living and be independent. Women talk more easily about difficulties and challenges when they are among themselves. In this way, I make it easier for beginners in online business to ask questions and get involved. There is no such thing as a stupid question! Those who do not ask, remain stupid.

In addition, I also want women to support each other, especially with topics they feel insecure about, such as technology, software, etc.

When will this take place?

The Bootcamp will take place from 28 to 30 April 2021. This is a VIRTUAL live Bootcamp for women to start their online business. The focus of the event is on beginners.

What does WIN-WIN mean?

  • You will share your feedback on the Bootcamp with me (answering a survey -20 min effort).
  • You allow me to use your full name as a reference for marketing purposes.
  • You are willing to give a short video statement (max. 3 -5 Min.) about the Future.Solutions Academy® for marketing purposes. The statements you provide will only refer to our cooperation and personal experiences during the Bootcamp and will not contain any information about your product developed during the Bootcamp.

After clicking SAVE MY SPOT you can choose between the options Standard (special offer 1997 EUR instead of 2297 EUR until the 14.04.2021) or WIN-WIN (497 EUR).

Dr Birgit Thoben CEO Future.Solutions

About Dr Birgit Thoben

I am an engineer, lecturer, inventor and entrepreneur. I worked for a large company for 13 years and spent 5 years in research institutions at all organisation levels and now run my own online business. I offer a practical step by step guide for women to build an online business. My knowledge is based on my personal experience of attending several masterclasses, bootcamps and courses from the following personalities: Dean Graziosi (multiple New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur and investor), Tony Robbins (USA top life and business strategist), Jenna Kutcher (online marketing expert), Amy Porterfield (online marketing and online course expert), Ryan Levesque (#1 national bestselling author and CEO of ASK Method Company) only to name the most important ones. I combine this learned knowledge with my professional background as a lecturer. I have been teaching for more than 8 years now at the Business School in Nancy and Summerschool in Athens and as part of my job as Global Innovation Manager of a large company (400. 000 + employees). I have been involved in countless product creations, development and implementation processes as a development engineer in product development, as a researcher, and as a Global Innovation Manager. I hold 30+ patents as a co-inventor. I am one of Dean Graziosi's and Tony Robbins' Certified Knowledge Broker. Most importantly, I have hands-on experience in online business. As a business owner, I know how to start and scale a business successfully.

It is a personal pleasure and a matter of the heart for me to share my knowledge so that more women will be successful in the future.

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Words of praise from people who worked with me in the past


“At the bootcamp working with Birgit, it becomes clear that she lives her motto, "There is a solution for everything", and she conveys this feeling to her participants. You learn not to be afraid of trial and error and approach things simply and that they don't have to be perfect from the start. She also teaches you the right tools and methods, which gives you structure and helps you grow in self-confidence and self-efficacy!..." 

Rebecca Steigenberger
B.Sc. Pychology, Productdevelopment Strasser & Strasser


"The Bootcamp is very practice-orientated. Participation has given me the courage to carry out my project now. ... Each day of the Bootcamp is very well structured, very well and professionally prepared. There is detailed and extensive documentation every day. This way, you know what to expect. 
Birgit is very motivated and very committed. Helping women is close to her heart, and her positive attitude is contagious.
She is a role model for me and an example that you should never give up...."

Laurence Schulte
Maîtrise Administration Economique et Sociale
Diplôme de Professeur des Ecoles


I had the pleasure to attend the "MBA Innovation Management" course of Dr Thoben. Meeting the person who set up "Platform12" at Bosch, knowing its history and the process to build it, was a great and very beneficial experience and allowed us to put the theory about practice. I greatly appreciated her approach of focusing innovation on human factors. The group work was a great lesson in collective intelligence and creativity. She was very inspiring and pushed us to ask the right questions and provided us with the tools to answer them. Thank you very much. I`m glad I met you.

Nora Amour
Projectmanager Sogeti Group France,
MBA Student ICN Business School


After completing my academic training, Birgit Thoben was my manager in a large company for the first three years. From the beginning, she impressed me with her persuasiveness, determination and forward-looking ideas. As a young professional, it was initially a challenge for me to keep up with her. But we were able to adapt to each other's needs and expectations through open communication. Her management style was particularly characterised by the fact that she always encouraged and challenged my self-confidence and independence. It was easy for her to recognize my strengths and weaknesses and to reflect on them with me, and also to help me to use them in a targeted way. A special leitmotif of hers is the sentence "There is always a solution", which still accompanies me today. This wonderfully demonstrates her pleasant optimism, which always enables a different view of new or challenging situations, whether in private or at work.

I appreciate very much that Birgit continues to accompany me as a mentor since our professional paths have parted. She motivates me to challenge myself, to overcome my limits, to question what exists and to realise my own potential. In doing so, I feel that my personal advancement is close to her heart. She knows the rules of the game in a male-dominated professional world very well through her own professional career and knows where and how women can use their strengths. I am sure that she will support many more women in the future with good advice and inspiration.

Lisa Przioda
Information Manager, Robert Bosch GmbH

Lisa Przioda

Start your Online Business!

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